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Exploring British Columbia’s Energy and Mines Digital Trust

The (un)Trustables Podcast Episode 2

Written by Christine Martin

February 2, 2024

In this episode, we delve into British Columbia’s Energy and Mines Digital Trust project, a pioneering initiative reshaping resource management. Joined by Nancy Norris, Senior Director of ESG & Digital Trust, and Kyle Robinson, Senior Strategic Advisor for BC Digital Trust, host Darrell O’Donnell discusses the groundbreaking initiative reshaping the landscape of sustainability and compliance in resource management.

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The Vision of EMDT

British Columbia’s Energy and Mines Digital Trust initiative is at the forefront of integrating digital solutions into BC’s mining and energy sectors. As Nancy explained, the project’s vision is about embracing digital technology and aligning it with the province’s commitment to sustainable economic growth and high environmental standards. 

Operational Credentials in Action

A key highlight of the episode is the discussion around two pivotal operational credentials to the project: the Mines Act permit and the Toward Sustainable Mining credential. These digital credentials serve as a testament to mining operations’ sustainability and legal adherence, a critical factor in today’s environmentally conscious global market.

Challenges and Achievements

Transitioning from concept to operational production has been a significant journey for the EMDT project, marked by complex challenges and remarkable achievements. Nancy and Kyle share insights on integrating advanced digital technologies like Hyperledger into the project and the importance of an open ecosystem for effective governance.

Ultimately, we want to make sure that what we’re doing in BC is interoperable technically and from a business use case perspective with initiatives that are happening globally like the GBA.  Nancy Norris, Senior Director of ESG & Digital Trust

Global Impact and Integration

One of the most compelling aspects of the discussion is EMDT’s role in global supply chain traceability. The project aligns with international initiatives like the Global Battery Alliance, emphasizing the importance of transparency and traceability from extraction to the final product.

The Future of Digital Trust in Resource Management

As we look towards the future, the episode leaves listeners with a profound understanding of the role of digital trust ecosystems in resource management. The challenges and learnings from the EMDT project provide a roadmap for similar initiatives globally, highlighting the potential of digital credentials in creating a more sustainable and transparent world.

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To hear the full discussion and gain more insights into the Energy and Mines Digital Trust initiative, tune into this episode of the (un)Trustables podcast. Join us as we explore the exciting intersection of technology, sustainability, and governance in one of the world’s most vital industries. Listen to the Podcast.

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