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Dive deep into the evolving world of digital trust with the (un)Trustables Podcast. In an age where the internet feels like the Wild West, we’re your beacon in the digital fog, helping you navigate the complex landscape.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the internet’s missing trust layer. Every episode brings forward insightful conversations with industry thought leaders from diverse sectors – from agile startups and revolutionary crypto realms to the sturdy foundations of enterprises and even the enigmatic chambers of government.

Latest Episode

Episode 006: Decoding Digital Trust Ecosystems with Sezoo

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Meet Darrell O’Donnell

Deep diving into the intricacies of digital trust, Darrell O’Donnell brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to the (un)Trustables podcast.

As the strategic vision behind Continuum Loop Inc., he’s been instrumental in shaping decentralized ecosystems. Darrell’s journey has seen him co-founding the Trust Over IP Foundation, leading the charge in establishing technical standards, and guiding a spectrum of entities, from budding startups to seasoned corporations and governments.

Author of “The Wallet Report” and a notable figure in information interoperability, Darrell’s insights into the world of digital trust are both enlightening and essential. Join him as he navigates the nuanced waters of the internet’s missing trust layer, sparking conversations that challenge, inform, and inspire.

Strategy & Technology Advisor

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Why Listen to (un)Trustables?

Depth and Insight: We’re not scratching the surface. We dive deep, challenging established norms and exploring the nuances of trust in the digital age.

Diverse Perspectives: Our guest list spans across sectors, bringing a richness of viewpoints that you won’t find anywhere else.

Driven by Passion: Led by our host, Darrell O’Donnell, we’re committed to crafting an internet that’s truly worth our trust.

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